Ze Dazzers

This page is my tribute to my sisters in crime; Miss Tracy and Miss Rosy. My life would not be the same without these two beautiful souls ♥

Back in 2015, when a mutual friend of ours began writing a story, Tracy created the images of the virtual us. I fell in love with the character Tracy created for me and it sparked something in me; I wanted to learn to create too. Tracy became my teacher, she was always there to help and explain when I was pulling my hair in frustration, and never once did she get impatient. She generously shared her knowledge and encouraged me to go on when I was about to give up.

I can only hope that I one day will be half as good as she is.

Her work can be found here.

Tracy was created by using Amaris (Emrys), Ulani hair (AprilYSH)
Rosy and I clicked from the very start and it is not uncommon that one of us goes “I was just thinking that” when we talk about something. She is in every way my twin soul. Rosy started “dazzing” around the same time as I did and she is a huge talent. I have often turned to her with an idea or “does this work?” question when I have been stuck writing or “dazzing” or if I need a word or an expression and simply cannot remember it.

Her work can be found here.

Rosy was created by using Nicolette (Emrys), Caleela hair (AprilYSH)
We have had our little group chat on Facebook basically since the very first day. I thought the chat should have a name – and that is how we became Ze Dazzers!